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Our Menu of Services:
Agricultural Infrastructure Consulting Services
  • USDA Federal Grant of Inspection for Meat & Poultry
    Processing Establishments Application Process, Labeling Application Process
  • USDA Meat Processing Floor Plan Design, Smokehouse Floor Plan Design, On-Farm Plant Design
  • Sustainable Farm Business Plan Development & Implementation
  • USDA Food Safety (HACCP) Plan Development
  • Humane Handling Meat Processing Planning
  • NYS Custom Processing Planning & Implementation
  • Commerical Manufacturing Equipment Plant Design
  • Commercial Kitchen Analysis & Procurement Plan
  • Organic Certification Plan Development
  • Community Garden Plan Development & Implementation
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Plan Assistance
  • Farm Food Procurement
  • Food Hub Aggregation Development
  • Farm to Table Event & Conference Planning
  • Marketing, Website, Social Media & Membership Development 
  • Grant Writing, Guidance, and Submission Support 
  • Farm Food Broker to Consumer/Institution Services
  • General Consulting Services - Technical Assistance

If we cannot help you directly we WILL find
the RIGHT help for you!

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